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Chief Justice

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Q: The head of the supreme court is called the?
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What is the head judge of the supreme court?

The head of a state supreme court is called Chief Justice, just like the head of the US Supreme Court.

What is the head of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals called?

Chief Justice

What court is head of judicial branch?

the Supreme Court

Highest court in the United States?

The US Supreme court is the highest Federal court in the United States.

What governmental body is responsible for interpreting the Constitution?

The federal courts of the Judicial Branch are responsible for interpreting the US Constitution. The Supreme Court of the United States (also commonly called the US Supreme Court), head of the Judicial branch of government, is the highest authority on constitutional interpretation.A. Supreme Court

What kind of judges does the supreme court have?

They are called supreme court justice

Why was the Supreme Court building created?

It was made to house the offices and court of the Supreme Court. That's why it is called the Supreme Court building.

Who is the Supreme Court head of?

The chief justice...

What is the US Supreme Court's verdict called?

The US Supreme Court's decisions (or verdicts) are called opinions.

What is the explanation for the supreme court's decisions called?

The explanation for the US Supreme Court's decision is called the opinion.

What branch is the chief justice of the US Supreme Court from?

The Supreme Court of the United States is head of the Judicial branch.

What is the Federal Supreme Court?

Yes. The US Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the judiciary, and head of the Judicial branch of the United States.