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Q: The idea expressed in the quotation All just government derives its authority from the consent of the governed is most directly found in?
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What is the meaning of expressed power?

Expressed powers are those powers directly stated in the Constitution. Most of those powers are found in the first three articles of the Constitution. Examples are the power to levy and collect taxes, to coin money, to declare war, and to regulate commerce among the states. Expressed powers are also known as enumerated (listed) powers.

What are the characteristics of capital market authority?

The capital market authority is a Saudi Arabian government organization. It's responsibilities are setting rules and regulations. The capital market authority reports directly to the prime minister

What does a directly quoted sentence begin with?

A directly quoted sentence begins with quotation marks (" ").

All just government derives its authority from the consent of the governed is most directly found in?

The United States Declaration of Independence.

The Greek root theo you would know that a theocracy is?

A theocracy is a form of government in which religious leaders rule in the name of a deity or a divine authority. It combines religious and political authority in one institution.

How do you do quotation mark on the keyboard?

To get quotation marks, you press the Shift button and then the quotations button, which is directly to the left of the Enter key.

What is an implied power?

Those delegated powers of the National Government that are suggested by the expressed powers set out in the Constitution.

Why is the US government a represented democracy?

a representative democracy is "in which those who have governmental authority get and retain authority directly or indirectly as a result of winning free elections in which all adult citizens are allowed to participate."

The fact that the federal government was able to get the states to adopt a uniform drinking age is an example of the?

This is an example of the ability of the national government to use its funding authority to achieve indirectly what it cannot achieve directly.

What is one difference between a paraphrase in a quotation?

A paraphrase conveys the same meaning as the original text but in different words, while a quotation directly includes the original words from the source.

Jurisdiction directly limits what?

Power or authority.

How do you type a quotation mark?

You hold shift and press the button directly to the left of the Enter key