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Q: The idea that one country is superior to all others is called?
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What is the name for the idea that the white race is superior to others races?

White supremacy...... Apex :)

How did Americans at the turn of the twentieth century define patriotism?

Generally speaking the term of patriotism as it refers to turn of the 20th century, meant a strong love and respect to their nation. That a patriot was a loyal citizen. This is not what is generally called "nationalism".

The spreading of informtion to convince others of an idea?

it called propaganda

What is the spreading of information to convince others of an idea?

The spreading of information to convince others of an idea is known as persuasion. This can involve using various communication strategies and techniques to influence someone's beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors towards a particular perspective or viewpoint.

What the spreading of information to convince others of an idea?

This is called dissemination of information

The idea that colonies existed to benefit the mother country called?


The idea that the power of a country is measured in terms of its gold and silver is called?


What is the idea that English-speaking nations are superior?

Anglo Sazonism

What is a violation of allegince twords ones country called?

Well you see i have absilutley no idea!

What is the idea that a country should stay out of international disagreements called?

i think you mean isolationism...

What was the idea that the expansion of the country to the pacific ocean and into Mexican territory was inevitable called?

Manifest Destiny

Why was segregation important?

Social segregation reinforced the idea that one was superior another.