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Vice royalities.

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Q: The large divisions of the Spanish empire were called?
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What are large prawns called in Spanish?

A prawn or shrimp is called a "camaron or camarones (pl) in Spanish.

What were the Aztec before they meet the Spanish?

Before they met the Spanish, the Aztecs were much healthier and happier, and controlled a large empire of (mostly) unwilling subjects.They called themselves Mexica (pronounced like "meshika") before and Aztec after the Spanish.

What is it called when a country expands its influence and power into a large empire?


Why did the Spanish government establish strict controls in trade in the empire?

'What was the Spanish Empire?' At its greatest extent it had much of South America, quite a large area of Central and North America, many Pacific islands and quite a large area of Europe.

What is large collection of foreign colonies called?

A large collection of foreign colonies is called an empire. Empires are formed when one country or group of people control various territories and peoples outside their own borders.

What was the Spanish empire?

The Spanish empire was at its height in the 16th century (before losing much of its naval armada to the British in 1588). The Spanish had colonies in the Americas (and later in Africa and Asia) and traded on all continents (except for Australia and Antarctica).

Who called their large empire the four quarters of the world?


What large Asian nations have no political divisions such as states provinces?

All large Asian countries have political divisions.

Large estates in Spanish America were called?


What is the government called in Africa?

Africa is a very large continent that is split into divisions each with its own form of government.

Which civilization called their large empire the Four Quarters of the World?


What is a large state usually under one leader called?

an empire