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circuit district

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Q: What is a large judicial district called?
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The state's prosecuting attorney in each judicial circuit is called?

The state's prosecuting attorney in each judicial circuit is called the district attorney. The district attorney represents the government when it comes to criminal offenses.

What is the district and circuit for 33025?

The state circuit court is the 11th Judicial Circuit.The federal district is the 20th Judicial District (Southern District of Florida).

What lowest court is called the district court?

In the federal Judicial Branch of government, the US District Courts are the trial courts for cases of general jurisdiction. State judiciaries may also have district courts.

Trial courts in the federal judicial system are called a. Grand juries. b. District courts. c. Appellate courts. d. Administrative courts.?

b. district courts

A representative chosen from the state as a whole is called what?

at-large district

What county is an entire judicial district in Illinois?


Which judicial court has a salary 173600?

The District Court

What are the 3 levels of the judicial branch?

district, appeal , supreme

What kind of people is the judicial branch made up of?

There are four types of people in the Judicial Branch: The judges, district attorneys, clerks, and Judicial Conduct Commission.

What is District of Columbia's At-large congressional district's population?

District of Columbia's At-large congressional district's population is 572,059.

What courts are not state court in judicial branch?

U.S. District court

What branch of government is the court of appeal and district court?

Judicial Branch