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The American government cannot spend taxpayer money without legislation because the legislation keeps the government in check and helps to keep a record of what is being spent. Without these records, Congress could spend money on whatever it wanted to, without having to answer to anyone.

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they is scard that they going to spend the money on somthing bad that have noting to do with the people

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Q: The national government cannot spend money without proper legislation why is it important?
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The most important issues facing the new federal government?

The most important issues facing the new federal government were leadership and financing. As a new government, finding the right government was a difficult task. Funding this new government was also difficult without imposing taxes and meeting resistance.

Why were the federalist concerned that without a strong national government it would triumph embargoes?

rephrase your question, and I'll give you an appropriate answer

Who are the most important players in government?

Many people would argue that the most important players in government are senators because they have a lot of clout and voting power. Furthermore, they can make big decisions without approval of the president, though he can veto bills that they have approved.

Why do countries with a multiparty system often have coalition government?

When a democratic state lacks a political party with a clear majority, it is impossible to create legislation without forming a coalition of parties to create an absolute majority. Without consensus, nothing occurs which causes discord and conflict between the parties and the general population.

Why is it important to know what the purpose of a government are?

To know the purpose means that you know what government is and what it can do for you. Without government there is no structure to making laws, how to choose a leader, and to keep us safe. If you read John Adams he writes that government is to take care of the people and to ensure their happiness.

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Why is legislation important?

Legislation means "the passing of laws". Laws determine what you are allowed to do in life so "legislation" is important to people.

Who believed that they should govern themselves without interference from the national government?

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What is direct legislation?

It's where the people of America vote to do stuff about the government without the government's say in it. Referendum, initiative or recall are 3 examples of direct legislation.

Why was the support of Virginia and New York important to the U.S. Constitution?

without the support of these important states the new national government would surely fail.

Federalists were concerned that without a strong national government this would triumph?

Federalists were concerned that a strong national government must exist. They believed without a strong national government anarchy would triumph.

Why did the government introduce the national lottery?

To increase the government's revenue without raising taxes.

What function is national defense?

National defense is a public good, meaning it must be supplied to all citizens. It functions to protect all citizens within a country from threats coming in from without. It is the first and most important function granted to the national government. Without national defense a country cannot defend itself from foreign threats and would fail as a state.

What is the proper role of a national government?

Just to be a government and to improve their justice within a federal government without the help of people around them and employs people with high attendance of consultant manufactures you retard....

Was the federalist 51 for or agaisnt a strong national government?

Very much FOR a strong national government. They believed that smaller, lesser powers would run rampant without the ability to regulate EVERYTHING.

What is ceremonial head of government?

Queen Elizabeth II is the ceremonial head of government of England and of some other nations in the British Commonwealth, including Canada and Australia. This means that while she does not actually govern, and does not originate any legislation or give any orders about how government does its job, she does grant her symbolic assent (or agreement) to the laws that the national parliament passes, and this assent is considered to give the law its authority. She is obligated to give her assent, no matter what legislation parliament passes, but still, the law does not come into effect without her assent. It is a ritualistic aspect of government.

How does the system of federalism balance the power of states and the national government?

The system of federalism balances the power of states and the national government because it gives greater powers to the national government so that our nation did not turn out as a confederacy but it also keeps certain reserved powers for the states that can be denied or taken away by the national government. Not to mention the fact that our states are involved in national politics as well as their own and thereby or national government cannot make all the decisions for the country and the states without our (the people) approval.

What is the most important task of the Executive Branch?

This is a point of debate, so this is only my opinion. The single most important task of the federal executive branch is national defense. The president is the commander-in-chief of the armed services, and as such, he is responsible for national defense. Without adequate national defense, no other function of government is important, because we would be invaded and conquered by other more powerful countries.