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Q: The number of Congress members needed to be present to conduct business is referred to as a?
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Place where members of congress conduct business?

Capital building in Washington DC

Members of congress conduct most business at the US what?

It takes place in the Capitol Building(;

How many members of Congress must be present to conduct business?

The Constitution of the United States says that 2/3 of the Congressmen need to be present to do business. That means that 67 Senators and 291 House of Representatives need to be present during sessions.

What is the task of joint committees in Congress?

expedite business between houses and to help focus public attention on major matters. Include members of both houses of Congress who conduct investigations or special studies

What are people back home referred to by members of congress?


What is the least number of members of congress needed to conduct a legal meeting?


The number of members of the house required in the attendance to conduct business?


What protects members of Congress from suits for libel or slander arising out of their official conduct?

Speech and Debate Clause

How many members must be present to conduct business in each house what is it called?


In order to do business Congress must have a majority of its members present This is called a?


How do home offices help keep members of congress in touch with their constituents?

The members of Congress are supposed to represent the interests of their

Where does congress live?

Members of Congress do not live collectively in one location. They have offices in Washington, D.C., where they conduct legislative work at the United States Capitol Building. However, members of Congress primarily reside in their respective home states or districts and commute to Washington for official business.