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Q: The plan proposed by New Jersey for a unicameral legislature with equal representation of states regardless of size and population?
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Proposal to create a unicameral legislature with equal representation?

It was the New Jersey Plan that proposed the idea of an unicameral legislature with equal representation. It was ultimately rejected.

How did the New Jersey plan of representation say representation should be based?

The states were given equil amounts of representation, regardless of the population. That would mean the representation would be based on the individual states, and not the population.the New Jersey plan had 3 branches (legislatiure, Execultive, judiceal)the legislature is a unicameral(one house)it was proposed by William Pattersonthis plan was liked by the small population but rejected by the large population states

What is wrong with a unicameral legislative body?

There is absolutely no issue with having a unicameral legislature. Many countries do just fine with a unicameral legislature (Sweden, South Korea, Portugal) or have a bicameral legislature where the upper chamber does practically nothing making a de facto unicameral legislature (Spain and United Kingdom).The argument for having a bicameral legislature in a place like the United States is to balance state and national interests, by giving states equal representation in one body and nationally-allocated representation based on population in other body. It also provides for the legislature to self-check. In many countries, the executive is more powerful, serving the purpose of the self-check, or there are no internal divisions that have unique legislative rights, so balancing national and state divisions is unimportant.

Does Oklahoma have a unicameral legislature?

Yes. Oklahoma does have a unicameral legislature.

Is Floridas legislature bicameral or unicameral?

Florida is a Bicameral Legislature

Do Most states have a unicameral legislature.?

No, most US states have a bicameral legislature, with two legislative bodies/chambers. A unicameral legislature has a single body/chamber. Nebraska switched to a unicameral legislature in 1934 and is the only US state to currently have a unicameral legislature.

What is a one house legislature called?

unicameral A one house legislature is a unicameral. A two house legislature is a bicameral.

Do most states of the US have a unicameral legislature?

No, only Nebraska has a Unicameral legislature.

Why did Pennsylvania and Georgia choose a unicameral a unicameral legislature and a weak governor?

what is unicameral

The congress under the Virgina plan?

The Congress under the Virginia plan would have been a unicameral legislature with representation based on a state's population like the House of Representatives that we have today.

How many houses does the legislative branch have in the articles of confederation?

The Articles of Confederation did not create a legislative branch with multiple houses. Instead, it established a unicameral legislature where each state had an equal vote, regardless of size or population.

Does Nebraska have a unicameral legislature?