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The president is required to give an annual State of the Union address to Congress, and presidents frequently use this speech as an opportunity to propose a legislative agenda for Congress.

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Q: The president communicates directly to the people in an annual?
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What is the name of the annual speech given by the president to update congress and the people?

The annual speech given by the president to update Congress and the people is called the State of the Union address.

Why is the president elected by the people?

In the US, he isn't elected directly by the people.

How many nations have a directly elected president?

At least two nations, Brazil and Mexico, directly elect their president. Many people think the president is directly elected in the United States, but that is not true. While the people vote on the president, he or she is ultimately elected by the electoral college.

How media help people?

it communicates

What office do the people not vote for directly?

the president. the electoral college choses

Only president who was not elected?

all of them No U. S. President has ever been directly elected by the people.

According to the original constitution what positions were elected directly by the people the president and vice president US senators Representatives to the House?


How many people does the president directly appoint?

It is estimated that about 7500 are appointed by the president. They would not hold their jobs without this appointment.

Why do the french need a king?

There is no king in France. France is a republic where people directly elect the president.

The first president of russia elected directly by the people in relatively free elections was?

Boris Yeltsin

The people do not directly elect the president the actual voting occurs in the?

jesuses temple under a dog

Is there any precedence for the president going around congress and bringing a law directly to the people to vote on?

I am not sure what you want to know. The people can not directly vote on laws or make laws. Only Congress can do that. The president could ask the people to write their Congressmen and ask for a law to be passed. I do not know of any President who did that. Ordinarily, the way for the President to influence legislation is to work with the Congressional leaders of his party and get them to push his agenda.