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Until he/she is sworn in as the President.

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Q: The president is called the President-Elect until what?
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If the presidentelect dies before the beginning of his term who becomes president?

the vice president

What is the new president called until the inauguration?

The New president that gets electaed is called President Elect until they take office which is Jan. 20th. The President that was in office before the new president is called the Formor President. 20th am

When the President is rejects a bill by leaving it on his desk until after Congress has ended session this called a?

When the president rejects a bill by leaving it on his desk until after Congress has ended session, it is called a pocket veto.

What is Uruguay leader called?

Dr. Tabaré Vázquez is its president until 2020.

Who was the German president in World War 2?

Adolf Hitler was the so called "President" of Germany until he committed suicide in April 1945 in Berlin

What is the head of France called?

the current French President is Nicolas Sarkosy, elected in 2007 until 2012.

What is James Garfield's home called?

Reporters gave it the name of Lawnfield in 1880 when Garfield was nominated for President. The family called it the Mentor Farm until then.

What is accusing the president of a crime called?


What are the three things the President can do with a bill sent to him for his approval?

The President can sign the bill into law, can veto it, or can leave it unsigned until it expires. (The latter is called a "pocket veto".)

A sitting president who loses an election in November or is not eligible for re-election but remains in office until January is often called?

a Lame Duck. or A still-in-office-president.

Who was the second president of the church of lds?

The second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "mormon" church) was Brigham Young. He was president of the Church from 1847 until his death in 1877.

How long does a president's cabinet run for?

Cabinet members serve at the President's discretion. They serve until they are asked to resign by the President or until the President who appointed them leaves office or until they voluntarily resign for personal reasons.