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Q: The prime Meridian helps create which two hemispheres?
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The prime meridian helps to divide the earth into which two hemispheres?

The prime meridian divides earth into the East and West hemispheres.

What are the hemispheres divided by the prime meridian?

The Prime Meridian is 1/2 of the boundary between the eastern and western hemispheres.

What hemispheres does the prime meridian separate?

The eastern and western hemispheres.

How does the equator and prime meridian create hemispheres?

It divides up the earth into different hemispheres even thought there aren't actual lines dividing it up.

Which hemispheres lie on either side of the Prime Meridian?

The eastern hemisphere lies east of the Prime Meridian; the western hemisphere lies west of the Prime Meridian.western and eastern hemispheres

What meridian separates the east and west hemispheres?

-- The Prime Meridian. -- 180° longitude

Is Australia east or west of prime meridian?

The prime meridian divides the earth into eastern and western hemispheres, just as the equator divides it into northern and southern hemispheres. Australia is to the east of the prime meridian and is considered to be in the eastern hemisphere.

Tell me the name of the southern hemispheres?

prime meridian

What splits the world into hemispheres?

The equator and prime meridian

Which of these separate into Easter and western hemispheres?

The prime meridian

What does the prime meridian separate?

The Eastern and the Western Hemispheres

The prime meridian divides the earth into?

The prime meridian is a line of longitude. It divides the Earth into two hemispheres, known as the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.