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The prime meridian offically passes through the Royal Observatory in London.

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England, France, and Spain

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Q: What European countries does the Prime Meridian pass through?
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What European countries does the prime meridden go thourgh?

The Greenwich meridian (0deg) runs through England and Portugal.

What Western European countries beside the united kingdom does the prime meridian run through?

The country it runs through mainly France but it runs through Spain and England, if tested or u have homework on this topic go with the answer: France its a main pass through in the Prime Meridian. ;-]

Name all countries in Africa that the Greenwich Meridian crosses?

The prime meridian (also called the Greenwich meridian) passes through the African countries of Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana.

What countries does the prime meridian pass through aloung the meterainean sea?

-- The Prime Meridian leaves the European continent and enters the Mediterranean at a point on the coast of Spain, about 42 miles northeast of Valencia. -- The Prime Meridian also crosses part of France, which has a coastline elsewhere on the Mediterranean. -- It leaves the Mediterranean at the north coast of Algeria.

What European city is located on the prime meridian?


What are 2 countries the prime meridian runs through?

England, France, and Ghana.

Name 3 countries through which the Greenwich Meridian passes?

The Greenwich Meridian passes through the United Kingdom, France, and Spain.

The prime meridian passes through which western European country?

-- England (UK) -- France -- Spain

What Longitude is the Canadian Prime Meridian at?

Different countries don't have different prime meridians. There is one Prime Meridian on Earth, and everybody uses the same one for their longitude measurements. The Prime Meridian passes through three continents, eight countries and several seas. North America is not one of the continents, and Canada is not one of the countries. The longitude of the Prime Meridian ... by international definition and agreement ... is zero.

What states does the prime meridian cross through?

The Prime Meridian crosses territory in England, France, Spain, five countries in Africa, and Antarctica, but no part of the US.

Which three countries does the Prime Meridian pass through?

The three countries that the Prime Meridian passes through are -- England -- France -- Spain -- Algeria -- Mali -- Burkina Faso -- Togo -- Ghana.

What three European countries are located along the Prime Meridian?

U.K. France Spain