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secure factual information concerning proposed legislation

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Q: The principal function of congressional standing committees is?
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What is the four types of Congressional Committees?

House standing committees Joint committees of congress && Senate standing committees

How can congressional standing committees check the powers of the executive branch?

The Congressional standing committees checks the powers of the Executive Branch through its Congressional Oversight. It reviews, monitors, and supervises federal agencies, programs, activities, and policy implementation.

The major portion of congressional business is handled by?

standing committees of the house of the house and senate

How do standing committees function?

They function off of icecream.

What is the role and function of standing committees?

The standing committees are the permanent, predominant committees in the Congress where the bills are sent. They review, change and write bills.

What do the members of the Congressional majority party control?

They control the chairmanship of all standing committees.

What are the three types of committee?

The three types of congressional committees are standing committee, joint committee, and select committee.

The permanent committees of Congress are called?

The permanent committees of Congress are called a standing committee. The standing committees of each house are controlled by the majority leader.

What are the types of committees found in congress?

Four types of committees in Congress are: 1. Standing Committees- permanent, public policy 2. Joint Committees- both Senate/House members 3. Select Committees- temporary, specific purpose 4. Conference Committees- joint/select, reconcile differences between House/Senate versions of proposed bills.

The major portion of congressional business is handled by who?

standing committees of the house of the house and senate

Why are standing committee called subject-matter committees?

Congressional standing committees are sometimes called subject matter committees because they deal with specific policy issues. They have special responsibility in certain subject areas that are fixed. For example, the House Ways and Means committee has the responsibility to deal with the subject matter of taxation.

What types of committees are there?

Types of committees include standing committees, select committees, and joint committees.