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pros: you get more international fame,power and trading opportunities. People will look up to you and try to become allies with you, offering extremely good deals for low prices

cons: more hate behind your back, the huge risk of a hard downfall (if major world powers decide to come together and try to take down America), and as the person above me said, lose the support of liberal people because of roosevelt's imperealistic tendencies.

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i forgot to add to the cons: if you focus too much on the military and stuff, you'll end up lacking enough knowledge to make a fair deal and be able to protect your country properly
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Teddy Rooseveltâ??s â??Big Stick Policyâ?? is greatly admired by people of conservative ideology, based on what they believed was the reshaping of the duties of the presidency and â??redefined Americaâ??s place in the modern world. However, Liberal opponents criticize him for his tendency to criticize nations he considered â??uncivilizedâ?? and reflect an imperialistic attitude.

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Q: The pros and cons of the big stick policy?
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