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Middle America: Panama, Cuba and Venezuela.

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Q: Which region was most affected by President Theodore Roosevelts Big Stick policy?
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Theodore Roosevelts domestic policy was called what?

It was called the Square Deal.

Theodore Roosevelt's domestic policy was called?

Theodore Roosevelts domestic policy was called the "Square Deal".

What was President Roosevelts foreign policy?

big stick diplomacy

Who was the first to create a large policy making role for the president?

Theodore Roosevelt was the first to create a large policy making role for the president. Theodore was the 26th president of the United States.

President Franklin D. Roosevelts good neighbor policy applied to?

Latin America

What was president Roosevelts forigen policy?

Theodore Roosevelt The gunboat(big stick) policy, which meant that if the US was threatened or wanted something, then it would use its army Franklin Delano Roosevelt The New Deal policy meant that if you gave an American money, then he/she would spend it check New Deal

How did president Tafts foreign policy goals compare withe those of roosevelts?

Blake lovesss me.

The Big Stick policy was the foreign policy of the US Persident?

The president you seek is Theodore Roosevelt.

Which president is incorrectly paired with the foreign policy action?

Theodore Roosevelt.

President Theodore Roosevelt's policy of watching over affairs in the Western Hemisphere was known as the?

Big Stick Policy

Which president's policy of enforcing the Monroe Doctrine in the Caribbean was known as the Big Stick Policy?

Theodore Roosevelt, S.O.S. student.

President Theodore Roosevelt's Big Stick policy was used by the US to?

police the western hemisphere.