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It is a deliberate plan of action to guide decisions and achieve national outcomes

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Q: The purpose of the bureaucracy is to carry out public policy What does that mean?
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What is the foreign policy bureaucracy?

The foreign policy bureaucracy refers to the network of government agencies and departments that are responsible for formulating, implementing, and executing a country's foreign policy. This bureaucracy includes entities such as the State Department, intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, and various diplomatic missions. The purpose of the foreign policy bureaucracy is to coordinate and carry out the nation's diplomatic and international relations goals.

What are the factors that affect public administration?

Public administration is the interdisciplinary study of implementing law and public policy. As a career, it is the role of the bureaucracy particularly civil servants to carryout public administration. Factors that affect how this is done will include the laws in place that need to be implemented and the budget available with which to carry out law and policy.

How necessary is bureaucracy?

Absolutely. Without the bureaucracy, there would be no institution to carry out the policy that is passed by the legislative and signed into law by the executive branch. The bureaucracy serves an important purpose, no bureaucracy would mean all laws passed would remain an abstraction and not become a reality.

What carry out public policy by performing task with the help of staff agencies?

Line Agencies

Carry out public policy by performing tasks with the help of staff agencies.?

Line Agencies

System of leaders who carry out work for the government?


What is a system of people who carry out the business of an organization called?

A bureaucracy

What is a system of the people who carry out the business of an organization called?

A bureaucracy

A system of a department and agencies formed to carry out the work of government?

it is called a bureaucracy

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