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Q: The revolutionary war began shortly after british troops marched toward?
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The revolutionary war began shortly after british troops march toward Massachusetts to search for weapons andd gunpowder?


Many patriots from boston had marched toward the british army which words in the sentence are preposition?

whatever you want them to be

Where did the British go after the battle of Lexington?

The British army then marched toward Concord, but were met there with superior numbers of Patriot forces and were forced to retreat back to Boston.

What is another word for redcoat?

Red backs was a term for the British during the revolutionary war. A synonym would be lobster-backs which was used derisively toward the English soldiers.

Sentence for the word armies'?

The armies marched down in straight rows, toward the army tanks.

General lee marched toward Pennsylvania to make a surprise attack on Washington d.c. from the?


Why did the colonist get involved in this war and how the British government was involved?

The Revolutionary War started because of the colonists anger toward the British. The British taxed the colonists on many things and took complete control over the colonists so they fought for freedom and eventually the colonists won.

Give you a sentence with legions?

There were legions of ants at our picnic. The legion marched across the field toward the enemy.

What natural barrier slowed Xerxes army down as they marched toward Greece?

the inhabitanys moved away

In the Battle of Gettysburg what were the positions in the day?

On day three, the greenbacks marched across the open field toward the warrior center.

How did British official change their policy toward the Indian after the French and Indian War?

how did the british officials change their policy toward the indians after the french and indian war

What changes occurred shortly after world war 2 that impacted American atyitudes toward quilts?

Well, the answer is your mom.