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The first battle of the war was at Lexington-Concord on April 19,1775. The last battle was the Battle at Yorktown which ended with the surrender of Cornwallis on Oct. 19,1783.

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The revolution began April 19, 1775 with the first battle at Lexington and Concord. The British marched from Lexington to Concord. At Lexington 77 minutemen waited on the colonial green for the British. Someone, we don't know who, fired a shot and the skirmish was on. As the Redcoats approached Concord a local fife and drum corps met the troops and they all marched into Concord. At this point the colonials retry to cross the North Bridge to a hill outside of Concord and British troops begin their search for war supplies. They found the supplies and removed to be burned on the green. When they began to burn them on the green the colonials on the hill saw the smoke and assumed that the town was being burned by the British. They rushed back toward North Bridge where they met fire from the British troops who thought an attack had begun. Because both groups assumed that the other was attacking the battle started a war. The fight was sharp but brief and the British, after several hours, began to march back to Boston. At this point hundreds of colonial men begin to fire upon the troops from behind trees and fences. The British lost 273 men and colonials 91.

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Q: What year was the American Revolution war?
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