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private property rights

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Q: The rights and privileges to control one's own possessions and ideas are?
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Why was the enlightenment dangerous to the aristocracy?

The Enlightenment promoted ideas of individual rights, reason, and equality, challenging the traditional privileges and authority of the aristocracy. These ideas threatened the aristocracy's power by promoting social change, questioning inherited privilege, and advocating for democratic reforms that would limit their control over society.

Americans believe that people are born with privileges that cannot be taken away from them These are?

These are acually not just American rights, they are the ideas philosophes from the Enlightenment era that have founded the American, French, and many other revolutions. They are John Locke's Natural Rights. In America it's called our Constitutional Rights.

How did the constitution and bill of rights reflect the enlightenment ideas?

how did the constitution and the Bill of Rights reflects enlightenment ideas

What ideas did john Locke have on government?

-Human nature, role of government. -Government needed to control selfish ambitions. -Protect natural rights. Hope it helped!

Which people felt threatened by the ideas of the englightenment and why?

Monarchs, aristocrats, and the Catholic Church felt threatened by the ideas of the Enlightenment because they challenged traditional authority, promoted individual rights and freedoms, and advocated for secularism and the separation of church and state. These ideas undermined their power and control over society.

What british document has ideas such as rights to bear arms and rights to jury trials?

The British Bill of Rights of 1689.

Why did the first and second estate reject the ideas of the enlightenment?

The first and second estate rejected the ideas of the Enlightenment because these ideas challenged their traditional power and privileges. The Enlightenment promoted concepts like equality, democracy, and individual rights that went against the interests of the nobility and clergy who benefited from the existing social and political hierarchy. Additionally, Enlightenment ideals called for a separation of church and state, threatening the religious authority of the second estate.

What did thurgood marshall give?

peace, rights and ideas

Who Argued the ideas of natural rights?

John Locke

Words about equality in the Declaration of Independence reflected the Enlightenment ideas of?

natural rights

What were the ideas of Christianity?

Community & control

How does a democracy work to protect the rights and ideas of the majority and the minorities in a society?

A democracy protects the rights and ideas of the majority through the vote or ballot in which the majority rules. A democracy protects the rights and ideas of a minority only if it also has a supreme law such as a constitution that puts limits on what the majority rule may do.