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It did not extend to women.

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Q: The rights outlined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen did not extend to?
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Where does it speak of unalienable rights in the us constitution?

No part of the Constitution discusses unalienable rights; that concept comes from the Declaration of Independence, which claims all [people] are born with the "unalienable" right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence is not a legal document, however, and no government body is required to uphold its principles (except to the extend they're supported by the Constitution). The rights enumerated in the Constitution are not "unalienable," and are not absolute.

The Amendment that is increasingly used to extend the Bill of Rights from national to state and local government is the?

The 14th Amendment that gives the states rights to extend provisions under the national Bill of Rights.

How do you become a citizen in spineworld?

Click on the extend membership button in the top menu when you are logged in.

How many times has the Constitution been amended to extend voting rights?

The US Constitution has been amended 5 time to extend voting rights. The 15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th and 26th amendments were regarding voting rights.

What was Wilson's position on civil rights for African-Americans?

He refuse to extend civil rights to African Americans

My right to extend my arm ends at your nose?

you can extend your right's all you want unless it interferes with someone else's rights

How does the Bill of Rights extend the constitution?

gave women the right to vote

Who worked to extend equal rights to people with disabilities?

Ed Roberts

How did justice fortas concept of pure speech extend first amendment free speech rights?

How did Justice Fortas's concept of "pure speech" extend First Amendment free speech rights?

Figurative expression my right to extend my arm ends at your nose means what?

Your rights can't interfere with anyone else's rights

What were Thomas Jefferson's characteristics?

Jefferson had a brilliant mind with many interests- architecture, botany and ,engineering to name a few. He was a good violinist. He believed strongly in personal freedom, being the principle author of the Declaration of Independence and a lifelong champion of states rights. Apparently he believed that blacks were not fully human and so he saw no reason to extend human rights to them.

Which amendment extend voting rights to a broader range of americans?

The 19th amendment extended the voting rights to women. The 15th amendment ensured the right to vote no matter a persons race. The 26th amendment gave any citizen over 18 the right to vote.