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Cultural diffusion

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Q: The spread of people ideas practices and goods from one culture to another is known as?
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What spread of cultural traits from one culture to another is called?

Cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural traits, ideas, beliefs, and practices from one culture to another. This can happen through trade, migration, conquest, or technological advancements.

What is the relationship between culture ethnic group culture region cultural diffusion and culture hearth?

Culture refers to the way of life of a group of people, while ethnicity is based on shared cultural traits and ancestry. A cultural region is an area where people share similar cultural characteristics. Cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural beliefs and practices from one society to another. Culture hearth is the birthplace or origin of cultural innovations that then spread to other areas.

How does diffusion change culture?

Diffusion can change culture by spreading ideas, beliefs, practices, and technologies from one culture to another. This can lead to cultural exchange, adoption of new customs, and the creation of hybrid cultures. Diffusion can also lead to the erosion of traditional practices and the homogenization of global cultures.

What features of Filipino culture resulted from the spread of ideas and practices from the US?

democratic form

Why did animism spread?

It spread because people would bring the religion to different places, like them going on vacation to another continent so they are bringing their practices to another place and other people are learning and practicing them too.

What did the missionaries do that they changed the hawaiian culture?

the missionaries converted Hawaiian people to the Christian faith, developed the written form of Hawaiian, discouraged many Hawaiian cultural practices, introduced their Western practices, and encouraged the spread of English.

How did trade spread culture?

Once you trade and get things from other places, you learn about the culture and what the people are like. Thus, culture, or certain aspects of a culture, can spread.

What did the bantu-speaking people spread across Africa as they migrated?

The Bantu-speaking people spread agriculture techniques, ironworking skills, new languages, and cultural practices as they migrated across Africa. Their movements played a significant role in shaping the demographics and cultural landscape of the continent.

How did Alexander the Great help to spread Greek culture?

He sent notes to people

How does cultural duffusion take place?

Cultural diffusion occurs when ideas, practices, or beliefs are spread from one culture to another through contact, trade, migration, or technology exchange. This process can result in the blending of different cultural elements and the formation of new cultural practices and norms.

How does culture spread from one area to another?

its from many different generations

Alexander the Great conquered and spread the culture of?

The Greek culture spread far and wide. After al they were a very learned race of people.