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The state right was a question of the states relationship to the United states. The first organized government in the US after the American Revolution was under the Articles of Confederation.

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Q: The states' rights issue was a question of the states' relationship to the?
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Why did southern states withdraw from the union?

It was an issue of state's rights and with the election of Lincoln they thought that he would force the abolition of slavery on them without asking them. Today, there are still issues concerning states rights that echo the 1860's. The question is where does the rights of the states end and the federal government begin ? This was the essential issue in the 1860's.

What was related to the issue of states' rights?

The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions.It is the U.S. state governments that were related to the issue of states rights, and not the federal government.

How was the issue of the states rights unconstitutional?


What was the immidiate cause of the civil war?

The issue was states rights versus federal rights. The surface issue was slavery.

Is states rights an issue in government today why or why not?

I believe that it is still an issue because even though Jackson and Clay had managed to keep the Union together by the Compromise of 1833 ( a compromise that lowered tariff duties gradually), the question of states' rights remained unsettled up to this time.

What was the basic issue in the nullification argument?

states rights

According to many antebellum southerners the issue of states' rights revolved around their right to?

For many southerners, the states' rights issue revolved around the right to own slaves.

How did the belief in states rights affect the issue of slavery?

dang it

Why did states' right become an issue in 1820?


Why did the confederate states of America seceded from the US?

The essential question was a states rights question about if the federal government had the right to outlaw slavery or if it was a state issue. Even today, we are still having the same discussion concerning state rights. It isn't over slavery, but over other issues like abortion. The subject has changed, but not the argument over federal/ state rights.

What do you think was the major issue that led to the Civil War?

The interpretation of states rights, particularly related to issue of slavery

What did the United States do to protest?

That depends on what issue is in question.