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Calhoun believed in the expansion of states' rights over the federal government and Webster believed in the federal government more than the states' rights.

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they disagreed over the division of power between the states and the federal government

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Q: What issue did Daniel Webster and John Calhoun disagree on?
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Who put together a comprimise resolving issue between the north and the south which is known as the comprimise of 1850?

John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster and Henry Clay organized the comprimise.

Which two men debated the issue of states rights in the senate in 1830?

Daniel Webster and Robert Hayne

Is there a significant difference in the leadership of old guard senators such as clay webster and calhoun when compared to the young guard of douglas and seward?

The difference was more generational than leadership-oriented, plus the slavery-anti-slavery issue was involved. Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun were the leading figures of the generation preceding the Civil War, with Clay and Calhoun pro-slavery and Webster against. William Seward and Stephan Douglas (who both lost the presidential primary to Abraham Lincoln), were instrumental in Lincoln's cabinet in winning the Civil War.

How did Henry Clay and Daniel Webster make the bank of the US an issue in the election of 1832 Social studies?

they renewed the charter early!

Why was Daniel Webster willing to agree to A fugitive slave law?

Daniel Webster supported the Fugitive Slave Law as a means to preserve the Union by upholding the Compromise of 1850. He believed that enforcing the law was necessary to prevent the spread of discord between the North and South over the issue of slavery. Despite his personal opposition to slavery, Webster prioritized maintaining the unity of the country.

How did Calhoun and Jackson differ on the issue of nullification?


Why did Americans disagree on the issue of empire?


Why did Americans disagree about the issue of empire?


What was the main issue underlying the hayne-webster debates?


How the Webster-Hayne debate about a larger issue than land policy?

It was also a debate about the issue of slavery.

Why did Senators Daniel Webster and Henry Clay force an early vote on rechartering the Bank of the US?

They wanted the bank to be an election issue in 1832. They knew Jackson would veto the bill to recharter, so they timed it to come in an election year.

What issue did Daniel Webster and Robert hayne argue in the Webster-hayne debate?

Hayne, a politician during Jackson's presidency, raised many issues about State's rights and Slavery. Some of his comments revolved around the tariff of 1828. He said the Tariff, "was producing a spirit of jealousy and distrust" (Meacham 127).