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A position issue is an issue that different parties disagree on, as opposed to a valence issue, which is an issue that the electorate generally all takes one side on.

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An issue regarding a certain idea or stance.

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Q: What is the definition of a position issue?
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What is the definition of valence issue?

An issue that is uniformly liked or disliked among the electorate, as opposed to a position issue on which opinion is divided. An example would be corruption: most people oppose corruption, while, say, the issue of the legalization of abortions would not be a valence issue: opposition and support for abortions is split.

What is the definition of author's position?

An author's position refers to their stance or perspective on a particular issue or topic that is expressed through their writing. It reflects their beliefs, values, and opinions on the subject matter, and influences how they present their arguments and ideas.

What is the difference between the issue and the position and the argument in a persuasive essay?

The issue is the subject of the text, while the position is the side of the text the author is on, and the argument persuades the reader into believing the issue and position.

What is the definition of reissue?

To issue a second time., A second or repeated issue.

What is the definition of the root word stance?

The root word "stance" refers to the position or posture adopted by a person or the way in which someone stands. It can also refer to a particular way of thinking or behaving on an issue or topic.

What is definition of moral issue?

A moral issue would be one concerning the principles of right and wrong.

A change in a objects position?

That is the definition of motion

What is are issue in condominium property?

Your question reads as though you want a definition of the word 'issue'. Please read your governing documents to explore that definition. If you have a more specific question, please ask it.

What is your position on the issue of registering women for the draft?

All for it

In nigeria pentecostal circle women wearing trousers is worldliness what should be the true position of clothing?

The position of different Pentecostal denominations on this issue varies, depending on their individual interpretation of the scripture.So there is no true position in Pentecostalism on this issue.

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Goalkeeper is a position in some sports.

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if we are doing sex and take any action,that may call the position of a body.