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popular sovereignty???

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Q: The supreme court's power to review all congressional acts and executive action?
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What is the main power of the executive branch?

The main institution of the Judicial Branch is the US Supreme Court (Supreme Court of the United States). Other courts in the Judicial Branch include US District Courts, US Court of International Trade, and the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts.

How does the Judicial Branch check the power of the President?

The Article III federal courts (ultimately, the US Supreme Court) uses judicial review to declare Presidential Executive Orders invalid if they are in conflict with the Constitution or if the Executive Order breaches the separation of powers (for example, involves an action, like declaration of war, which is delegated to Congress). The Courts are the interpreters of the laws and as such they interpret the Constitution and laws to decide if they conflict with one another.The US Supreme Court may only declare an Executive Order unconstitutional if it is relevant to a case or controversy before the Court. They cannot not take preemptive action against the Executive Branch (or the Legislative Branch).Chief Justice John Marshall clearly affirmed the power of judicial review in the case Marbury v. Madison, (1803), when the Court declared Section 13 of the Judicial Act of 1789 unconstitutional.

How many branches are there in the US government?

AnswerThree. They are: Legislative Branch(Congress), Executive Branch (Presidency), and Judicial Branch (Supreme Court)

What are the powers of the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts?

To interpret and ensure proper application of the laws written by the legislative branch and enforced by the executive branch.

How can federal courts check the president's power?

The federal courts can check the Presidents power by that courts can declare executive actions unconstitutional.

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What is the supreme courts powers to review all congressional acts and executive actions?

Judicial review, established in 1803 by John Marshall in the case Marbury vs. Madison

What supreme courts power to decide whether congressional laws were constiutional and down those that were not?

Judiciary Act of 1789

Which courts are included in the judical branch?

All courts: state (Superior, Municipal and Small Claims; Appellate and State Supreme), Federal Courts (District, Circuit Courts of Appeal, Federal Supreme Courts), and Administrative Courts (Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Social Security, Etc.)

Is the president executive judicial or legislative?

The President is part of the executive branch, and Congress is part of the legislative branch. Courts, such as the Supreme Court, are part of the judicial branch.

Which chief justice made the supreme courts an equal partner with the executive and legislatice branches?

John Marshall

In the federal government of the united state which house of congress to approve the appointments the supreme courts?

Executive branch

What is the other term used to identify the Special Courts?

Legislative Courts because they were created by congressional action. Judges in these courts, like their peers in other federal courts, are appointed for life terms by the president, with Senate approval.

Does the US Supreme Court have the three branches?

No. The US Federal government has three branches: The Executive branch, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. The US Supreme Court is head of the Judicial branch.There are also three basic levels within the Judicial branch:Trial Courts (e.g., US District Courts)Appellate Courts (e.g., US Courts of Appeals Circuit Courts)The Supreme Court

Are the three branches in the republic?

The three branches are Congress (Legislative), Executive (President) and the Judiciary (Supreme court and lower courts)

What are the three branches in your republic?

The three branches are Congress (Legislative), Executive (President) and the Judiciary (Supreme court and lower courts)

Who has the power to establish all court systems other than the supreme court?

First of all I am almost sure the Supreme Court does not establish courts but I know Congress has the power to establish courts and I believe the president may have that executive power also.

Which branch makes the laws in illinois?

The executive branch, led by the Governor. Article V, Section 8 of the Illinois Constitution, SECTION 8. GOVERNOR - SUPREME EXECUTIVE POWER, states: "The Governor shall have the supreme executive power, and shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the laws." "Executive Power" means the authority to enforce laws and ensure that they are carried out as intended.