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the head of state and head of government

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Q: The two major roles that the American president performs are?
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In 1920 American voters elected a president who promised what?

To increase the u.s roles in world affairs

Which roles does the president traditionally and constitutionally carry out?

which roles does the president traditional and constitutionally carry out

What are the two official roles of the Vice-president?

There are two official roles for the vice president. The two official roles of vice president are to take on the responsibility of president in the event he is unable to perform his duties, and to preside over the Senate.

Who is commander in chief and chief diplomat?

The Commander in chief is the US President.One of the six major roles of the President of the United States is Chief Diplomat. As chief Diplomat, the President's job is to conduct foreign policy by directing the actions of American ambassadors and signing treaties and trade agreements with leaders of foreign nations

The major roles of a President according to Clinton Rossiter?

Chief of State Chief of Party Chief Legislator Chief Diplomat Chief Economist

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When the president dies the vice president becomes the president

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The president's constitutional roles have expanded in practice to be more powerful than the Founder Fathers intended. These roles include Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

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