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which roles does the president traditional and constitutionally carry out

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Q: Which roles does the president traditionally and constitutionally carry out?
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What are the two official roles of the Vice-president?

There are two official roles for the vice president. The two official roles of vice president are to take on the responsibility of president in the event he is unable to perform his duties, and to preside over the Senate.

What are the presidents roles?

When the president dies the vice president becomes the president

How does a referee in badminton carry out his roles?

he dont

What are the roles of a Bailiff?

The roles of a Bailiff are the protection of the Judge, monitoring the jury, courtoom security, and to carry out the orders of the court.

What are the roles of the capillaries and how do these roles influence homeostasis?

capillary carry the blood 4m heart to other parts of body

What president was an chief agenda setter?

every's one of his roles

What are the roles of two organelles?

The mitochondria carry out aerobic cellular respiration, and ribosomes carry out protein synthesis.

The president's constitutional roles such as chief executive and commander-in-chief?

The president's constitutional roles have expanded in practice to be more powerful than the Founder Fathers intended. These roles include Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

Individuals are said to be socialized when their behavior is?

Predictable, and when they carry out their roles appropriately.

Who has enumerated power?

The President, Congress, and federal courts have enumerated powers outlined in the U.S. Constitution. These powers specifically grant each branch the authority to carry out certain roles and functions in the government.

What two roles does the Constitution assign the president?

Executive and Chief

In which roles does the president serve as the head of the military?

commander in chief