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Q: The war between France and Britain put president Washington in a difficult position because?
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Which side did Washington Fight English or French?

During the French-British war, President Washington favored the British side. This explains why President Washington sent John Jay to save Great Britain.

Was George Washington the president of the United States or the united colonies?

No George Washington is not the king of Britain but he led his own army. Britain's current (2014) monarch is Elizabeth II. A George Washington was the first President of the United States.

What was Washington's position on the war between France and Britain?

He was neutral

Why did the war between Britain and France put George Washington in an uncomfortable position as president of the US?

The war between Britain and France put George Washington in an uncomfortable position because France had supported the United States in the Revolutionary war. George Washington wanted to support Britain.

Was it difficult for Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to serve together as president and vice president?

Yes, it was difficult for Adams. He had a hard job trying replace Washington. There were diplomatic problems with France and Britain and Adams was worried about an insurrection at home. Jefferson disagreed with him on most things and was no help .

Who was the president when US declared war against Britain?

george washington

Us President who led fight against great Britain?

george washington

What was president roosevelt position on the war on Europe?

President Roosevelt wanted to help Britain instead of remaining neutral.

True or false did president Washington sided with the France in its wars against great Britain?


Who us the leader of soverignty in the US?

The President is the Head of State of the United States of America, and fills the same symbolic position that the Queen of Great Britain fills for Great Britain. In addition, the President is the chief executive officer of the government, filling the functional position filled in great Britain by the Prime Minister.

Why is the Washington monument important to America?

The Washington Monument was dedicated to our first president George Washington who led the country in the Revolutionary War to gain independence from Great Britain.

Did president Washington issued a declaration of nullification during the conflict between France and great Britain?