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Poison gas was the terrifying weapon of World War 1.

The V1 Flying Bomb and V2 Rocket were the terrifying weapons of WW2.

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Poison gas was the terrifying weapon of World War 1.

The V1 Flying Bomb and V2 Rocket were the terrifying weapons of WW2.

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V2 rocket

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Q: The weapon unveiled by the Germans that terrified the English was the?
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What type of weapon was most often used in the fighting between the Americans and the British in the 1770s?

Muskets were the weapon of choice but they also used bow-n-arrows.

Do Mexicans have the right to bear arms?

If they pass the requirements where they live and register the weapon.

What was the relationship between the warrior class and the ruling class?

The warrior class is a weapon, one wielded by the ruling class, and is often used on their own people to maintain control. On occasion, however, the weapon can be turned on the master, in a coup d'etat.

Which weapon of totalitarian government do you think is most effective in maintaining control of a country?

Komers machine gun

How did the Saxons fight?

I'm surprised no one else has answered, but of all my readings of Anglo-Saxon history the principal weapon was the spear. This was not unique to the Anglo-Saxons but was true of most north Germanic nations who adopted the battle strategy of the 'shield-wall'. The sword was also an important weapon and one that was highly treasured being the most expensive to have made and often worn as an heirloom. A reading of the poetry seems to indicate that although the spear was the main weapon, the sword was utilised on a personal level or when the spear was 'shattered'. The other often unmentioned weapon was the 'scramasaex'. This was essentially a long knife or short sword, often inscribed with runes and in rare cases made from a pattern welded blade which is more usually associated with swords. They did use bows and arrows though no great mention is ever made of it and also a small throwing axe known as a 'francisca', pronounced 'frankisher' after the Frankish weapon. A reading of any translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem 'The Battle of Maldon' will furnish details of the contemporary weapons, tactics and mindset of those particular warriors. A very fine translation can be found in 'Earliest English Poems; trans. Michael Alexander, Penguin Classics,. A very good starting point for all things Anglo-Saxon is 'Anglo-Saxon England' by F.M. Stenton, Oxford University Press.

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What weapon was unveiled by the Germans that terrified the English?

V2 rocket

What was The weapon unveiled by the Germans that terrified the English?

In World War 2 the Germans introduced the V2 rocket, a terrifying new offensive weapon. In WW1 poison gas was considered the most terrifying weapon.

The weapon unveiled by the germans?

Zepplins and U-boats.

What chemical weapon was used by Germans?

Zyklon B

What was the Germans secret weapon during the war 1?


What weapon did England use to win world war 1?

The British tank was superior and in much greater numbers than the Germans. They helped to terrorize the Germans in the lattter stages of the war. The Germans, totally underestimated the potency of this new weapon.

What new weapon did the Germans use in World War 1?

The Thundergun.

What was general Hannibal's secret weapon?

He used African war elephants which were trained to charge at terrified foot-soldiers and scare cavalry horces.

What weapon did the Germans had that gave them a huge advantage over their enemy?

The zeppelin and the blitzkrieg.

What was the Germans main weapon at sea in World War 2?

The U-boat submarine

How many weapons were used in World War 1 World War 1?

In world war one it is thought that over 100 different weapons were used between the Germans and the English. It is commonly belived that the Germans had a wider range of weapons than the English, whilst we mainly used one weapon (bolt-action rifle) and rarley machine guns, the Germans weapons would consist of plenty. to find out more e-mail me at

What is the biggest hand held weapon that the Germans used in World War 2?

The Potato Gun