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Muskets were the weapon of choice but they also used bow-n-arrows.

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Q: What type of weapon was most often used in the fighting between the Americans and the British in the 1770s?
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What was the relationship between the warrior class and the ruling class?

The warrior class is a weapon, one wielded by the ruling class, and is often used on their own people to maintain control. On occasion, however, the weapon can be turned on the master, in a coup d'etat.

Why were Americans concerned about Tecumseh?

Tecumseh (1768 - 1813) was a Shawnee war chief who allied Indian tribes of the Midwest to form a powerful coalition against the forces of this United States. This ability to unite the tribes into a cohesive confederacy was Tecumseh's greatest weapon and the principle reason why he was so feared by the Americans. His rise to prominence coincided with the rise of his brother Tenskwatawa, who was regarded as a religious prophet. When the War of 1812 broke out between The US and Great Britain, Tecumseh allied his confederacy with the British Army in Canada and they captured the American garrison at Fort Detroit. Enraged when the British then retreated into what is now Southern Ontario, he convinced the British to stand and fight. At the ensuing battle, now known as the Battle of the Thames, Tecumseh was killed. Without his leadership the conferdeacy was doomed. Tenskwatawa had already fallen from popularity after the disasterous 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe. After the War of 1812 ended in 1815, the British abandoned their Indian allies. What was left of the confederacy fell apart ending the last best hope for the Indians to stem the tide of white settlers onto their land.

Why did some colonists form militias?

Militias were formed as the colonial united states had no standing army due to their young age and inability to support one financially The militias, also called "minute men" often consisted of ramshackle groups of farmers that fought on a minutes notice, hence the name minute men, with whatever weapon nearest by. These Militias angered the British forces as they were not fighting the correct and gentlemanly way; often fleeing from a loosing battle rather than surrendering to the British. So all in all they were formed because of necessity and lack of a home front security system.

The weapon unveiled by the Germans that terrified the English was the?

Poison gas was the terrifying weapon of World War 1. The V1 Flying Bomb and V2 Rocket were the terrifying weapons of WW2.

Do Mexicans have the right to bear arms?

If they pass the requirements where they live and register the weapon.

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