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Q: The worlds fattest president
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Who was the worlds fattest president?

For the United States it was William H. Taft. He was also the last American president to have facial hair.

Who was the fattest vice president?

William H. Taft was the fattest president not vice president

Which weighs more the world fattest man or the worlds fattest pupink?

The worlds largest pumpkin actually weighs more. The largest pumpkin weighs 1725 pounds and the worlds fattest man weighs 1225 pounds. It's amazing.

What is the fattest dolphin in the world?

the worlds fattest dolphin ever recordes is 36,9 tons

Who is the worlds fattest dog?

Harrison's Mum!

What is the worlds fattest singers name?

Your ma

What is the world's fattest cat?

The worlds fattest cat was a tubby cat that wheighed a record of 17.5 kilograms.

Who is the worlds fattest man from 1940?

Charlie Price

Who is married to the worlds to the worlds fattest man?

noach d. and other people that are fat.

Was Ulysses S. Grant the fattest president?

No, William Howard Taft was the fattest.

A picture of the worlds fattest girl?

look up jessica gaude.

What did the fattest president wore?