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Boston massacre

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Q: This event saw the first deaths of civilians in the American Revolution by British soldiers?
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What event saw the first deaths of civilians in the American Revolution by British soldiers?

the decorloration of independence

What did British soldiers eat during the American Revolution?


What were Regulars during the American Revolution?

Regulars were British soldiers in the American Revolutionary War.

What were American soldiers called during the American Revolution?

American soldiers were typically referred to as Colonials or Patriots during the Revolution.

Why did British soldiers fight in the American Revolution?

The British fought in the American Revolution because the wanted to control the land.They wanted to control the land because it was theirs.

Who were the British in the American revolution?

Among combattants--soldiers who actually took part in the fighting--there were: - British regular army (commonly referred to as "Redcoats"); - Loyalist militias composed of people living in the American colonies but wishing to remain British subjects; - Hessian (German) mercenaries hired to fight on behalf of the British. Among civilians, there were some who supported the King and some who supported the revolution.

How was the American revolution a revolution?

It was a minority movement because there were many less American than there were British soldiers. The people who were loyal to the British crown also outnumbered those that were not.

How many American Soldiers in Revolutionary War?

There were approximately 25,000 American soldiers that died in the American Revolution. The British lost around 20,000 soldiers during the war.

Which did Britain do in the build up to the American revolution?

forced colonies to harbor british soldiers

Why was British soldiers and minutemen fighting so important?

It officially started the American Revolution.

Which of the following was an advantage of the British in the American Revolution?

The ability to enlist foreign soldiers, Loyalists, and Native Americans in their military forces.

Who supported the British in the American Revolution?

The British were supported by the Onondaga, Mohawk, Cayuga, Seneca, Cherokee and German soldiers known as Hessians.