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Q: This man cam to power at age twenty-two he was too young for the job and too weak intellectually for the responsibilities however he had a rare mental illness that hadn't been discovered.who was he?
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What is one of a citizen's most important responsibilities?

Technically, as a citizen of the United States, you have no responsibilities in being a citizen, except to obey the law. However, one of the best things you can do for yourself as a citizen is to know your rights, understand them, and abide by the laws of the country. Voting is a privilege taken for granted in our country that is denied in many others. That is also a responsible thing to do.

Which article of the Constitution sets forth the responsibilities of the president?

Article II, section II All of Article II defines the parameters of the Presidency. However, section II enumerates the powers and responsibilities of the President. See related links.

What are the responsibilities for state senate?

The United States Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Both Senators and Representatives are responsible for representing the people of the states they serve. This involves voting and writing bills in the United States Congress. There are, however, some major differences between a United States Senator and a Representative, beginning with voting privileges. For example, a Senator has the privilege of voting on whether or not to confirm the President's judicial nominees; United States Representatives do not have this right or responsibility.

Who takes over their senate duties when a Senator runs for President?

If a sitting US Senator runs for president (as is the case today with both Republican and Democratic candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama), there is no formal surrogate for him in the Senate. In the past, some Senators have resigned, as Bob Dole did to run in 1996. However, if the Senator does not resign his seat, he must maintain his Senate responsibilities in addition to running for President. Often this means he is absent for votes and for debate. However, as the election nears, Congress takes a greater number of recesses since presumably most members must run for reelection anyway. For a Senator running for President, it is incumbent upon his congressional staff to keep the day to day operations of his office going and to keep him apprised of necessary duties in the house. Other than that, there is no transfer of Senatorial responsibility to anyone else.

Who was Captain Benjamin Martin?

He is the main actor in the movie the patriot,however he is fiction is history

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What are the responsibilities of a Salesman?

There are no specific responsibilities available as such for sales representatives however, they may need to focus on becoming discrete and responsible on how they act and persuade their customers into buying products.

Why was there so few female scientists in the renaissance?

Because it was believed that women were intellectually inferior to men, and not fit for demanding tasks. However, nowadays we know this is completely untrue :) hope this helps :)

What are the responsibilities to be a artist?

creative Anybody can be an artist; to be a widely appreciated artist, however, that's the trick.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the office staff?

The duties and responsibilities of an office staff vary greatly between offices. An overriding goal of most workplaces, however, is to maintain a positive and efficient environment.

What is the role of a LPN?

A licensed practical nurse have fewer responsibilities than a Registered Nurse. However they may still be allowed to take basic patient care responsibilities such as transfers, bedside care, and environmental sanitation.

What are the responsibilities of a father in the family?

The responsibilities of a father are to care for his child or children. The father must also ensure that the child or children are safe and get the necessary or basic things that the child or children need. The responsibilities of a father in a family can vary in some cases. However, they are usually the ones who work and provide discipline.

What are the responsibilities of the Ministry of Defense?

The Ministry of Defense responsibilities can vary from country to country. However the main responsibility that tends to remain the same is for the security of the country nationally and internationally.

What is responsibilities of uscitizens?

U S citizens have few legal responsibilities beyond supporting their spouses and minor children and paying taxes - for example, they are not required to vote. However, like the citizens of any democracy, they have a civic responsibility to vote, and to do so intelligently.

Are Doves Monogamous?

Doves are not necessarily monogamous. However, the male and female both share in nesting, incubation and feeding responsibilities with each breeding.

How do you enforce responsibilities?

If you are referring to children or teenagers, you can enforce responsibilities with positive or negative rewards/consequences. For instance, if a child is working toward some special outing (i.e. going to the movies) you can set up a responsibility chart and have the child check off when he/she has completed his/her (daily, weekly, monthly) responsibilities. When he/she gets a certain amount of checks, he/she will get the positive reward. However, if he/she fails to complete the responsibilities, the child may lose a privilege of some sort. For adults such as spouses or co-workers, the best approach would be to ask the person to fulfill his/her responsibilities. However, you should be detailed in what you are asking for specifically and approach the subject with caution. Honesty is the best policy. If someone at home or work is failing to complete his/her responsibilities, this is likely putting more work on you. Be honest with the person. Tell him/her that you have a lot of your own responsibilities to take care of and you do not mind helping him/her out once in a while, but for the sake of a happy home or a smooth running office, it would be great if each person would be diligent in getting his/her own responsibilities completed.

What are the job responsibilities of a Management Trainee in KFC?

The responsibilities will vary based on location, however managers are generally responsible for payroll. They are also responsible for hiring and firing employees. They will answer phones, take care of customer complaints, clean the store, and also serve customers.

Is a 17 year old consider an adult?

No, a 17 year old is still a teenager, however, if the child is emancipated they will be considered an adult with adult responsibilities