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He is the main actor in the movie the patriot,however he is fiction is history

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Q: Who was Captain Benjamin Martin?
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Was there a Benjamin Martin in the Revolutionary War?

I believe his name was daniel morgan! He used gorilla warfare to fight the red coats

What declaration of independence signer was a captain in the Atlantic slave trade?

Benjamin Rush: This is not true. Benjamin Rush was a staunch opponent of slavery and the slave trade.

Where is Captain Benjamin Nye of Sandwich Ma buried?

Captain Benjamin Nye died July 22 1801. He is buried in the Falmouth Old Burying Ground in Falmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. His family home is also in the city and has been turned into a public museum.

Did Benjamin Titus cross the Delaware with George Washington?

Benjamin Titus was a private from New Jersey and enlisted at age 17. He fought at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights in Aug 1776, as documented in National Archives. Howard Leckey's book The Tenmile Country and its Pioneer Families has this brief bio on Benjamin. "Benjamin Titus, son of John Titus of New Jersey, and grandson of John and Rebecca Titus of New England and later New Jersey, was born in New Jersey. Benjamin Titus was a member of Captain John Mott's militia company from Hunterdon County New Jersey, and took part in the battle of Trenton, when his Captain acted as guide to General George Washington in that Battle." Captain John Mott is documented in wiki, including days leading up to the crossing. His men crossed the Delaware several times leading up to the battle, to gather intelligence, given they were familiar with the area. Interesting side note, Washington's Crossing (the site of the Delaware crossing) is a National Historic Landmark, and is located in Titusville NJ. Titusville is an unincorporated area of Hopewell Twp, Mercer Co., where Benjamin Titus was born.

What presidents did not win reelection?

John Adams, John Qunicy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush

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When was Benjamin DuBois Stone House-Captain Martin Stone House created?

Benjamin DuBois Stone House-Captain Martin Stone House was created in 1740.

What is Blu Kennedy's real name?

Benjamin Martin

What is Benjamin Martin's birthday?

Benjamin Martin was born on October 25, 1992.

When was Benjamin Martin born?

Benjamin Martin was born on October 25, 1992.

When was Benjamin Brown Martin born?

Benjamin Brown Martin was born in 1883-06.

When did Benjamin Brown Martin die?

Benjamin Brown Martin died on 1932-04-22.

When did Benjamin F. Martin die?

Benjamin F. Martin died on 1895-01-20.

When was Benjamin F. Martin born?

Benjamin F. Martin was born on 1828-10-02.

Who played Captain Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce?

Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce was played by Alan Alda

How old is Benjamin Martin?

Benjamin Martin is 18 years old (birthdate: October 25, 1992).

What does Benjamin martin say about the ways of gentleman warfare?

Benjamin Martin says, "If the conduct of your officers is the measure of a gentleman, I take that as a compliment."

Was Benjamin West in the American Revolution?

yes, he was a captain