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Q: This man won the presidency by appealing to the ''silent majority in the us during the 1960s?
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Middle class courted by Nixon?

Silent Majority

When was Silent Majority - comics - created?

Silent Majority - comics - was created in 1984.

Who made up the silent majority of Americas that president Richard Nixon claimed to represent?

Nixon himself was not called the silent majority he was calling the average non protesting american the silent majority.

What majority did Richard Nixon say elected him?

Silent Majority

Who were the members of the silent majority?

The Silent Majority was a term used by President Nixon to describe the moderate Americans who did not participate in public protests during the 1960s and 1970s. It referred to those who supported traditional values and government policies but did not actively voice their opinions.

Why was student activism was related to the silent majority?

Student activism was related to the silent majority due to the conflict between the more conservative views held by the silent majority and the radical ideas being championed by student activists. The vocal and visible nature of student protests challenged the status quo and prompted conservative backlash from the silent majority who felt their values were being threatened. This tension between the two groups contributed to heightened social and political divisions during the era of student activism.

In his 1968 election campaign Richard Nixon appealed to the a Moral majority b New Left C new feminists D silent majority?

Silent Majority

Who were the Silent Majority?

Middle class.

Which statement does not accurately describe a member of the silent majority?

The silent majority would support the liberal policies of president Johnson's Great Society.

What describes the relationship between antiwar protesters and the silent majority during the Vietnam War?

The silent majority disagreed with the antiwar protesters but rarely discussed their opinions publicly.

What groups composed the silent majority?

the Latinos

What are the release dates for The Silent Majority - 1987?

The Silent Majority - 1987 was released on: USA: 18 June 1987 (Chicago International Film Festival)