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sunshine laws !!!!

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Q: This requires government meetings to be open to the public?
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Requires government meetings to be open to the public?

The sun-shine laws require government meetings to be open to the public. These laws also require government meetings to be held with advanced notice and in a place that is accessible to the public.

What is the meaning of public meetings?

Public meetings are held in government settings. Meetings of Congress, statehouses, and cities all hold meetings open to the public.

What type of laws enforce government officials to hold open meetings?

The type of law that prohibits public officials meeting in secret is generally called a "Sunshine Law" or more specifically, an "Open Public Meetings Act" or some similar name.

How does the sunshine law show how the states are able to adapt in order to be more efficient?

The sunshine law requires public governmental bodies to open meetings and records to the public.

Are councillor meetings open to the public?

They are, and a very entertaining evening it is.

This law prohibits public officials from holding meetings not open to the public?

sunshine law

Purpose of new england town meeting?

New England was settled by Puritans. They based their government on their religious organization which included secrete meetings and representative government. Following the Salem Witch Trials, John Owen wrote a Book on The New Testament Church. As a result number of them read changed their religion and government from Presbyterian with its secret meetings to Congregationalist with open meetings. Church decisions were made by vote by church members. Government decisions were likewise made by popular decisions. The popular decisions were made in Town Meetings, The administration and courts remained the same except that trials became open to the public. In other places in New England the government remained a copy of Presbyterian representationalism except that meetings became open to public scrutiny.

What law prohibiting officials from holding meetings not open to the public?

The sunshine law.

What has the author Albert G Pickerell written?

Albert G. Pickerell has written: 'The University of California' -- subject(s): Berkeley University of California, Pictorial works 'Open public meetings of legislative bodies--California's Brown act' -- subject(s): Legislative bodies, Local government, Public meetings

The unit of local government called a town is characterized by?

Town meetings assemblies open to all voters to express their opinions on public policy. The creation of towns dates back to early colonization.

What government agencies oversee contests open to the public?

The Deparment of Public Safety. They oversee contests open to the public.

What are sunshine laws?

Sunshine laws mandate transparency in government dealings, e.g. Open Meetings laws and requirement of full disclosure, in order to prevent corruption. Instances in which complete openness is impossible (such as Intelligence) still must be carefully recorded. == Generally speaking, Sunshine laws are laws that (1) require government bodies to conduct their business at meetings open to the public and/or (2) give the public the right to obtain access to government documents. However, Sunshine laws usually contain exceptions to both of these requirements. The exceptions allow government (1) to exclude the public from meetings at which certain types of items are discussed and/or decided and (2) to keep certain types of records or documents confidential. The provisions in the Sunshine Laws of each state differ.