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Constitutional Law

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Q: This study is concerned with a government's power and the rights of the citizens?
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The principle that is concerned with a government's power and the rights of the citizens?

constitutional law

What principle is concerned with a government's power and the rights of citizens?

Obama's tiny tiny Monkey

The state governments set up during the revolution reflected the American belief in the?

The necessity for a written constitution to define citizens' rights and to limit the governments power.

What do democratic governments get their power from?

the citizens.

Why were many citizens concerned by the lack of bill of bill of rights in the original constitution?

They feared governmental abuses of power that might restrict their freedoms.

The government passes laws to protect the rights of its citizens a.anarchism b.pluralism c.totalitarianism?

In pluralist political systems Governments will often pass laws to protect the rights of their citizens. In a perfect anarchist utopia, it is arguable that Government will not exist so it is slightly difficult to choose b. However, in practice, anarchists have been strong supportors of rights such as free speech. In totalitarian societies governments may pass laws claiming to protect the rights of citizens. However in practice those rights won't be extended in a way which allows citizens to challenge the Government's power base.

In which types of governments do the citizens have no voting rights?

In a Dictatorship the people have no rights.

Why does the US have a Bill of Rights?

It tells the rights of the U.S. citizens, and what they have the right to do. It gives the citizens some power.

Where did thomas Jefferson believe the governments power should come from?

people and,or citizens

Since the government is mostly concerned with power you well group governments by?

all three

What is the governments rights to protect the welfare of the general public?

Police Power

How does the Bill of Rights work to limit the power of government?

It ensures individual rights to citizens.