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A letter requesting support should be polite but persuasive. The writer should make assertions, then follow them up with supporting evidence.

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Q: Tips for writing a letter requesting for financial support to attend a workshop?
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Writing a letter requesting goods can be simple. If requesting a sample of a product be formal but friendly. Compliment the company and simply ask for a free sample or perhaps a discounted price.

What are the laws in Texas regarding a parent that does not want to pay child support but doesn't want visitation either?

In every state a parent is required to pay to support their child, and they cannot dodge that by saying they don't want to see the kid. I would file for custody and get it in writing that the other parent is not requesting visitation, then file for support.

Sick Leave Letter format?

When writing a letter requesting sick leave, make sure to include the dates of the sickness, the reason for your leave, and when you anticipate returning. You will probably need a doctor's note to support your sick leave.

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When writing a letter requesting service confirmation, it should include the date and time of the service. The letter should also contain when the service was completed and who completed the service.

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