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Common Sense by Thomas Paine

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Q: Titles of famous books written during the revolutionary war?
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The famous ride of Paul Revere was made during the Revolutionary War?

The famous ride that Paul Revere made was during the Revolutionary War ? true or false question.

Who was famous for their signature during the revolutionary war?

John Hanncock

What famous people died during the Revolutionary war and what were they famous for?

jhon smith bob Jones

What was king george the third famous for?

He was the king during the Revolutionary war

What were Andrew Jackson's famous experiences during the revolutionary wars?

he was not against slavery

The letter N in revolutionary a?

Naval battles were fought during the American Revolutionary War. John Paul Jones is a famous naval commander who fought the British during the war.

What city was the sight of the famous Tea Party during the Revolutionary War times?


What was Benjamin Franklin most famous for during the Revolutionary War?

He siged the Decleration of Independence

What was the famous shot called during the revolutionary war?

The shot heard around the world

Why is BenjaminFranklin is famous?

This is because his diplomacy secured French support during the Revolutionary War.

How was George Washington famous?

George Washington was famous because he lead the first continental army during the Revolutionary War.

Who was the most famous guerrilla fighter during the revolutionary war?

samul adams hancock master