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I believe the Founders of this great nation said it best - "Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor."

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Q: To what extend should you honor the wishes of the Founding Fathers?
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Did the founding believe in property taxes?

No. The only taxes they advocated were on profits made in the course of business. This is why many people are against Federal Income taxes, claiming that no law has ever been passed to authorise such taxes.Actually, there is ample evidence that the Founding Fathers believed in a variety of taxation: property taxes and tariffs being the major ones, but many things we typically call fees today would have been called taxes by the Founders, and generally, most writings seem to have no problem with any specific method of taxation. They were more concerned with who would have the power to levy taxes.The concept of Income taxes (and, taxation on business profits) generally was a later one (mostly starting in the mid-to-late 1800s), and not one that the Founders really discussed.The major conflicts and discussions around taxation with the Founders where about who should be able to levy which taxes, and to what purpose should taxation be used for.(As a side note, the 16th Amendment makes it pretty clear that the Federal government has the power to levy an Income Tax, and spend it how it wishes.)

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Theodore Roosevelt is the president that banned a live Christmas Tree in the White House for conservation reasons. However his children did sneak one into their room and defied their fathers wishes.

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The federal government should provide funding to raise teachers' salaries?

The federal government should provide funding to raise teachers' salaries especially if the government wishes to encourage better teachers. This funding would help to increase the education levels in the entire country.

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