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If written history is backed up with eye-witness accounts, it should be trustworthy.

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Q: To what extent can you believe historians?
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What is the name of the place historians believe Columbus reached first-?

Historians believe that Columbus reached the Bahamas first.

What did historians think of hatshepsut?

A lot of historians believe that she was the stepmother of the biblical Moses.

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by Remus and Romulus ++ That's the legend. I doubt historians believe it!

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historians beleive that it began in the 18th century and in Manchester, England

When do many historians believe the Hittite civilization reached its peak?

Many historians believe that the Hittites were the first civilization to develop the use of the Israelite monarchy reached its peak with the reign.

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Middle Ages

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What do historians believe of about the harappans from studying their cities?

They have learned something

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The historians believe that they were played by the people of France.

What have historians determined about Harrappan religion?

Historians believe they were just Hindus , {a label applied to those who worship a range of idols}

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some historians believe it to be true