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glenn curtis

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Glenn Curtis

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Q: To whom was the first US pilots license issued?
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No. The travellers cheques can be signed only by the person to whom it was issued to. When a travellers cheque is issued, the name of the person to whom it is issued is recorded. Hence it can be cashed only by the person to whom it was issued and no body else. No one else can sign the cheque except that person.

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How many prisioners were at Vietnam war?

Approximately 600 US POW's were released in 1973; of which most of whom were Airmen (pilots and aircrewmen).

Can a court order be issued without all parties involved being notified?

An order can be issued, by the judge, but the person upon whom it was not served could claim ignorance of the order.

Can a teen drive in PA with a NY learners permit?

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If you have obtained a marriage license and the marriage ceremony was performed but you do not have a marriage certificate are you legally married?

you cannot be issued a license without a certi. Technically, yes. The marriage licensed is used to be married, once the marriage is performed a marriage certificate is issued making the union legally valid. All persons who are licensed to perform marriages must file a copy of the certificate with the state's department vital statistics. Contact the office of vital statistics in the state where the marriage was performed to obtain a copy.

How much money will a pilot make in a year?

This varies. Okay .Pilots make up to $75,000 and really good pilots make like $100,000 !! Some Pilots only make $20,00 a year. A lot depends on your experience, for whom you work , and hours logged . Don't count on the big bucks without a few years of experience as a commercial or private pilot .

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How many American pows got release in 1973 from north Vietnam?

Less than a thousand men were freed, nearly all of whom were US pilots and aircrewmen.