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riding the circuit

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Q: Traveling to hold court in assigned regions is called?
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What are the decision of the court called?

The explanation for the US Supreme Court's decision is called the opinion.

What level of the federal court system are the judges called justices?

Federal judges on the US Supreme Court are called justices.

Most importantly the Supreme Court is called the High Court because it is the?

last court in which federal questions can be decided.

Do US Supreme Court justices preside over courts?

Not exactly. "Preside" means "to be in charge of," and that responsibility falls to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or, in his (or her) absence, the Senior Associate Justice (justice who has served on the court longest). All Supreme Court justices are assigned one or more Circuits over which they have responsibility for emergency orders, per federal law (18 USC § 42): "The Chief Justice of the United States and the associate justices of the Supreme Court shall from time to time be allotted as circuit justices among the circuits by order of the Supreme Court. "The Chief Justice may make such allotments in vacation. A justice may be assigned to more than one circuit, and two or more justices may be assigned to the same circuit." The justices do not preside over the Circuits, however. US District Courts typically seat only one judge per case to preside over the Court; the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts typically provide for appellate review by a three-judge panel, with one of the three presiding over the panel.

What is the leader of the court called?


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What is Traveling to hold court in assigned regions is called?

Traveling to hold court in assigned regions is called riding the circuit!iMightB

What is assigned to each Supreme Court Justice?

court of appeals

Is it traveling if you catch the ball and fall with it to the court or can you pass it to another player?

no, that is not traveling.

You have been assigned a judge who accepted your dire need letter in your Social Security disability case. How long before you get a court date?

If you have been assigned a judge, contact the clerk of the court for that court and ask.

What is assn crt ap?

Assigned court appearance

Can you go to another court or do you have to go to the one you are assigned to fill out a modification form?

You go to the one assigned

How do the French court judges get elected?

French Court Judges do not get elected. They are assigned to a Tribunal or Court by the French Justice Department.

Does a district court have only one judge hearing in each case?

The court itself has more than one judge assigned to it, but only one judge is assigned to hear each case in its entirety .

What is the number of judges on a district courts?

For US and most state Distict Courts - there is no set number of judges assigned. There is a sufficient number assigned to hear the caseload of that paricular court but since they all hear cases individually and no cases are heard "En Banc" at District Court level the number of judges assigned to that particular court is not germaine.

How are drug court judges chosen?

In my experience the position is on a rotating basis shared equally by all judges assigned to the court.

Can you get a court order to release your dead mothers photos from your brother?

If the photos were left to you in a will or assigned to you by the Court's division of her assets, yes.

How does a Court of Appeals arrive at a verdict?

The judges assigned to the appeals court vote on the matter in front of them and the majority opinion rules.