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Q: What is the leader of the court called?
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What is the leader of the Virginia Court of Appeals called?

Their title would be; Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals.

What is the leader or chief official of the supreme court called?

Chief Justice

What is the leader of the supreme court called?

Chief Justice John Roberts.

What is the leader of the highest court called?

He or she is called the 'Chief Justice of the United States', and is in control of not only the Supreme Court, but also the various Federal courts. The position used to be called the, "Chief Justice of the Supreme Court", but not any longer.

Who was the leader of the sanhedrin called?

I'm not sure there's a single leader. It is was the supreme court of ancient Israel so it was a ruling body.Answer:The leader of the Sanhedrin (Jewish court) was called the Av Beit Din. It wasn't a hereditary position; in each generation, the position went to the greatest Torah-Sage of the time.

Chief Justice of the House of Representatives?

There is no Chief Justice in the House of Representatives. The leader of the House is called the Speaker of the House. The Chief Justice is the leader of the US Supreme Court.

Who is the leader of the judical?

The superme court

Is the senates' leader called a Speaker?

No, the leader of the senate is called the majority leader.

What is a Ninja leader called?

The leader of Konoha is called the Hokage. The leader of Suna is called the Kazekage. The leader of Kirigakure (hidden mist) is called the Mizukage. The leader of Kumogakure (Clouds) is known as the Raikage.

Who is the leader of court in Ghana?

joshua adu

Who is the leader of the Judical Branch?

The superme court

What do you call a presbyterian court leader?

Presbyterians do not have an office that is the equivalent of "court leader." The body that performs the function similar to that of court leader is the PJC, "Permanent Judicial Commission," made up of elected elders and a moderator. Presbyterian offices include deacon, elder, presbyter and commissioner. The ruling committee of each congregation is called the Session, which has a Moderator and Clerk. Similarly, each Presbytery, Synod and the General assembly have a Stated Clerk and Moderator.