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chief justice of the Supreme Court

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Q: Who is the leader of the Judicial Conference?
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When was Judicial Conference of the United States created?

Judicial Conference of the United States was created in 1922.

What policymaker body works to make sure the federal judicial system runs smoothly and flows standardized procedures?

The Jucial Conference, which was created by Congress in 1922, is responsible for overseeing the federal judicial system.

Who was the French Leader at the Munich Conference?

The French leader at the Munich conference was, in fact, a man named Edouard Daladier.

Which policy making body work to make the federal judicial system run smoothly and follow standardized procedures?

(Judicial Conference)

Who is the person of the judicial Branch that is the leader?

a person

Leader with Roosevelt and Churchill at the Cairo Conference in 1943?


How did Barack Obama use the role as Judicial Leader?

He interprets the law.

What is the title of the leader of the US judicial branch court?

Chief Justice

Who is the leader of the judicial supreme court?

Chief Justice John Roberts.

Who was the German leader who announced at the Munich conference in 1938?

Herr Hitler.

Who is the leader of the nys senate democratic conference?

The leader of the NYS Senate Democratic Conference is Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Ms. Stewart-Cousins is a Senator for the 35th district which represents Yonkers, among other towns.   

What organisation was Martin Luther King Jr leader of?

Martin Luther King was the leader of Southern Christian Leadership Conference