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Q: True or False Urban planners try to anticipate the results of changes in society?
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Daytimer Planners?

In today's busy society, it is important to utilize daytimer planners to keep up with the day to day appointments and schedules that keep us all too busy.

Gerhard Lenski used the concept sociocultural evolution?

Its a concept used by Gerhard Lenski to refer to how technological innovation changes and shapes society. it is thus a process of change that results in a society gaining new information, including technology, leading to development.

What three changes to Indian Society brought about World War 2?

Changes to Indian society had nothing to do with the onset of WW2.Changes to Indian society had nothing to do with the onset of WW2.

What is migration transition?

Change in the migration pattern in a society that results from industrialization, population growth, and other social and economic changes that also produce the demographic transition.

Changes in European society 16th century?

changes in European society 16th century?

Why law changes?

As society changes, the laws evolve to match society's morals and values.

How does curriculum influence society?

Society influences curriculum development because curriculum needs to be socially relevant. As society changes, curriculum changes in order to reflect those changes and make it relevant.

Do theatre and films merely reflect changes in society?

yes theatre and films merely reflect changes in society

How do the planners of the Oscars determine seating arrangements of the actors?

the seating arrangements of the actors is determined based on their skill , working for society , good character.

What happens to the culture when changes occur in society?

When changes occur in society, the culture may also evolve to reflect the new norms, values, and beliefs of the society. This can lead to shifts in traditions, customs, and social practices, as well as changes in art, language, and societal norms. Ultimately, culture is dynamic and responds to the changes and advancements in society.

What is transformation of society?

Transformation of society refers to the process of cultural reforms and transformations; changes in a society.

What is a basic belief of conservative?

Government should try to protect society from changes