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Q: True or false Any member of Congress may introduce a bill of revenue?
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The total number of member in the house of representative changes at the beginning of each congress?


The revenue recognition principle dictates that companies recognize revenue in the period in which it was received rather than when it was earned- True or False?


Is it true that a loss occurs when your revenue exceeds your expenses?

False, revenue is gain

the excess of revenue over the expenses incurred in earning the revenue is called capital?


True or false revenue is a decrease in owners equity?

False, as revenue increases the owners equity if expenses are less than revenues and vice versa.

When you introduce introduce Alcohol and Other Drugs into the driving decision driving decisions make the process of decision-making speeds up true or false?


The activity variance for revenue is unfavorable if the actual revenue for the period is less than the revenue in the static planning budget true or false?


When a business incorporates it receives articles of incorporation from the Internal Revenue Service. is this true or false?


Is congress prohibited by the constitution from borrowing money?


A revenue variance is unfavorable if the actual revenue is less than what the revenue should have been for the actual level of activity for the period true or false?


Withdraws decrease owner's equity and are listed on the income statement as a deduction from revenue True or False?


A nazard true or false-accrual convention is when the revenue earned for a particular period is added to the expenses involved in making the revenue in that period-accounting?

It is false. The right answer is ,the revenue is matched with expenses involved in making the revenues in that period.\the difference will produce a profit or loss.