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its the colonial legislature

ACTUALLY...Thats Wrong...Its a Royal governor.

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Q: Type of colonial ruler appointed by the british crown?
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What was the type of colonial ruler appointed by the British Crown?

royal governor

Who represented the British crown at the treaty signing at waitangi in 1840?

Queen Victoria was the ruler of the British Empire at the time the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840.

Who was the colonial ruler of south Sudan?

Great Britain was the colonial ruler of South Sudan.

Who is the colonial ruler of Guatemala?

In Case you didnt know, Guatemala is no longer a colony... thus there's no colonial ruler.

What is the colonial ruler of Peru?


Did the Roman republic remain a republic when Caesar was appointed as sole ruler of Rome?

He never was officially appointed emperor. He was assassinated at the Senate before they declared him Supreme Ruler.

What country was the colonial ruler of Argentina?


What nation was colonial ruler in Vietnam?


Who is Cameroon's colonial ruler?

Pual Biya

What is the appointed sole ruler of rome called?

The only appointed "sole ruler" office was that of Dictator and he was only appointed in times of crisis. Until Julius Caesar, that is. Caesar was appointed Dictator for Life, but his life didn't last too long after that appointment.

When was the last sheikh of abu dhabi appointed?

HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed was appointed ruler of the UAE on November 3rd, 2004. He is still currently ruler of the UAE.

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British ruler, japan ruler, German ruler