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The Soviet Union felt it had to have at least parity in arms with the US. The US felt the same way about the Soviet Union.
This led to the so called arms race.
The US was and is more economically sound and stable, effectively richer.
The Soviet Union spent more and more on arms, far more than it could afford, thus becoming effectively bankrupt.

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By building more weapons than the Soviet Union, the United States would be more powerful.

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Q: Under President Reagan the US had the largest peacetime military buildup in history. How was this a challenge to the Soviet union?
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Which did Britain do in the buildup to the American Revolution?

Forced colonists to harbor British soldiers Taxed legal documents Closed Boston's port Increased taxes on sugar and stamps

What u s president died of hemroids while in office?

Calvin Coolidge Calvin Coolidge died of heart failure. No President has ever died of hemorrhoids. Common symptoms of hemorrhoids may be a sign of other serious health problems, such as Colon or rectal cancer and other conditions which have the same symptoms as hemorrhoids. There has never been a death of a President caused by hemorrhoids. James Polk perhaps is the only President that died of anything related to the bowles. He died of cholera morbus resulting in debilitating diarrhea (nutritive expulsion and dehydration; buildup of excretive acids in bowels and intestines) Several Presidents have died from 'hemorrhaging'. This has to do with bleeding; to undergo heavy or uncontrollable bleeding. Herbert Hoover died from massive internal hemorrhaging, bleeding from upper gastrointestinal tract; strained vascular system. Chester Arthur died from a cerebral hemorrhage, otherwise known as a stroke. Andrew Jackson died from tubercular hemorrhaging (tuberculosis).

Why was Reagan considered a Cold War hawk?

The simple answer is that President Reagan knew how to deal with the Soviets, just as Nixon and Eisenhower did. He didn't give an inch during any treaty negotiations, kept pressure up during key moments in history during his time in office (e.g., Sandanista/Contras, stopping the Cuban buildup on Grenada, helping the Mujahadeen during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, sticking it to Iran whenever possible, Beirut, etc.).

What did Kennedys flexible response plan call for?

Faced with the threat of more and more communist revolutions in Asia, President John F. Kennedy decided that instead of immediately unleashing the barrage of American nuclear forces on every little skirmish, the war would be fought according to scale. Flexible response called for a counter to Soviet attacks and not a first strike. It had three stages containing direct response, deliberate escalation, and finally general nuclear response. Kennedy implemented this during the Laotian civil war, in which communists teemed about ready to take hold of the nation. Instead of unleashing the Eisenhower method of massive retaliation, he created the super-trained division of the American military--the Green Berets. They would be responsible for fighting in guerilla warfare instead of wastefully dumping nuclear bombs on the tiny country.

What describes the philosophical differences between the Federalists and Republicans as of 1800?

Federalists supported a flexible interpretation of the Constitution, a strong central government, and military buildup funded by taxes; Republicans supported a strict interpretation of the Constitution, states' rights, and a smaller federal budget. -- APEX ~APEX~ Republicans favored states' rights, while Federalists wanted a strong executive branch. Federalists wanted a loose interpretation of the Constitution, while Republicans wanted a strict one.Federalists wanted a loose interpretation of the Constitution, while Republicans wanted a strict one. Republicans favored states' rights, while Federalists wanted a strong executive branch

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Under President Ronald Reagan and the US had the largest peacetime military buildup in history how is this a challenge to the Soviet Union?

The massive military buildup under President Reagan posed a significant challenge to the Soviet Union for two main reasons. Firstly, it put considerable pressure on the Soviet economy, as they had to divert substantial resources towards their own military expansion to keep up with the U.S. Secondly, the buildup eroded the Soviet Union's perception of military superiority and heightened their fear of a potential conflict with the United States, which further strained their resources and contributed to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

Did Reagan cut military spending?

No - As a matter of fact, defense spending increases eventually resulted in an end to the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union

What did Reagan launch the largest peacetime buildup of in American history?

The arms race with the USSR.

How did President Reagan rebuild the US Military?

Reagan strengthened the weak, ineffectual, and vulnerable military which Carter left behind. The Reagan administration funded research and development of weapons systems, including stealth technology and precision weaponry, later used in both Persian Gulf wars. Reagan's largest peacetime defense buildup in history, which included larger training ranges and military pay increases, helped invigorate the American military from its Vietnam War-era despondency.

Buildup of military forces?


What does Henry say is the purpose of the British military buildup in America?

What does Henry say is the purpose of the British military buildup in America?

Why did President Reagan urge a massive military buildup?

Military spending provides jobs and is an economic benefit for those people who work at military bases and in the defense industry. A strong military gives the president options in negotiations with foreign powers. It may also prevent attacks .

What is an example of the buildup of the US military?


How did the USSR finance its military buildup in World War 2?

tax and exports

What was president Kennedy's response to the missile buildup in Cuba?

His response was an embargo.

Why was the growing of the military buildup prior to world war i a cause concern?

Military expansion in Europe turned into an intense arm's race.

What does Kennedy maintain is the purpose for Soviet military buildup in Cuba?

first strike capiblity