Using dais in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A dais is a raised platform at the end of a hall. An example sentence would be: Go stand on the dais.

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Q: Using dais in a sentence
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What is a sentence with the word dais?

On Sundays bands often used to play outside on the dais at the front of the lakeside pavilion.

What is a pulpit using 4 letters?


What is a word for pulpit using four letters?

it's also known as an ambo.

What does the word dais mean in Irish Gaelic?

Dais (typography) dash Dais (literary) heap, stack

What is antonym of dais?

The antonym of "dais" is "floor" or "ground."

What is a dais in sweet 16s?

A dais is a platform, however at a sweet 16 a dais is the head table where the birthday girl sits with close friends.

When was Gerd Dais born?

Gerd Dais was born on 1963-08-11.

What is a pulpit with four letters?


What is a deputy at the dais?

This means that the second in command is on the platform or the stage or behind the lectern. A dais is a low platform from which someone can speak to a crowd.

What do buenos dais mean?

"Buenos dais" means "you give well". If you were referring to "buenos días", the translation would be "good morning".

Who is Liz santanas lover?

Mustafaa Dais =]

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